What the Reviews Say

We all do it. But often it’s just the negative reviews people take time to write.

But in the case of the cider industry you have proved this wrong. This is why we love this industry and craft. It’s the people within the community of cider enthusiasts. Those that are new to enjoying ciders and others that have been following the expansion of ciders from the large companies to the growing trend of craft ciders.

These are exciting times. As small business and localized business become more sought after and appreciated, seeing our communities come together as a result of small business is inspiring. We want to have a place we can gather in, or a place with owners passionate about the business they built. It’s dreams coming to reality.

These raving reviews, on Yelp and Untapped, just to name a few, are what helps us when we experience challenges or hit a bump in the road as we build our business. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy lives to give feedback and praise. We appreciate it more than you know.


If you can’t make it back to our cidery but you still want to pick up a bottle of Wild Hare Hard Cider, you can find some of our ciders in some local retailers. Check them out here >



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